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Effective route planning program for any local business that make pick-ups, deliveries, or multiple stops a day. Plan Fastest Routes In Seconds

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Solving real time transport problems

Optimistic plans and optimizes routes based on real-world factors like number of deliveries, time windows, vehicle capacities, delivery types, priority stops, driver speeds, driver shift times, driver breaks, and more.

Route planning management

Transport and delivery planning

Our clever route planner algorithms create feasible and cost-effective routes at the click of a button. The result is a transport plan that makes the best use of your available resources while meeting business KPIs and customer delivery requirements.

Tracking program

Real life factors

Optimistic optimizes routes taking into account time windows, cargo parameters (weight, volume, type etc.), priority deliveries, transport parameters (capacity, work time, type etc.), unload time and much more.

Cargo route planner

Track driver's progress

Online tracking of drivers task completion, receive notifications in case of inconsistencies and make immediate work related changes if needed.

Route planner

Proof of Delivery

Driver approves completion of delivery through the mobile app and also can notify if a problem occurs, capture photos and signatures and much more.

The future of transport planning

Optimize Optimize your route Tasks for drivers Track online Give information Report and analyze Data import

Optimistic will plan for you the best route taking into account entered parameters and restrictions.

Wide range of manual changes in routes - starting from changes in sequence and ending with editing in map and adding new deliveries

In mobile app is all the necessary information for successful task completion, including navigation, comments and sequence of completion.

Track task completion progress in interactive map, receive driver status notifications and compare actual route with planned

Mobile app Optimistic allows drivers to capture photos, write comments, notify about problems, capture signature, turn on navigation and much more

Simple reports to analyse effectiveness and costs of cargo transportation for any period of time

You can import delivery lists with just a few clicks. Download .xls file, specify type of information in columns, import and that’s it. Premium users have access to API import.

The future of transport planning

We can help you!

Maximize capacity

Maximize fleet capacity

With Optimistic you can increase transport workload, use time more effectively and by using less, do much more.

Increase your transport workload

Cut down route planning time

Spend up to 90% less time on route planning and preparation. Our clever optimization programm will help you achieve that!

Optimistic program

Meet customers demand

Delivery tracking tools and customer notifications keep things organized and stress-free – even with last minute changes to your routes.

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Choose the best plan for your business


You can try ROUTISTIC Route planning solution for free if you have no more than 5 vehicles. No contract or hidden fees.

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  • Data import
  • Route Optimization
  • Mobile App for drivers
  • Support


For those who need an expanded set of functions, API integration, professional implementation and large fleet management

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  • API data import
  • Notifications for customers and employees
  • Your route analysis and improvement
  • Custom reports


For companies with unique specifics and complex processes

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  • Advanced integration
  • Individual Technical Support Manager
  • Full functionality of the system, including Artificial Intelligence
  • Creation of unique functionality for your needs
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It's simple as that


1. Import the routing data

Import data via .excel or using our API.


2. Let the magic happen

Our smart route planner will find the best possible routes for you, and even tell what resources you will need to complete the task. Not happy with the result - no problem, it's easy to adjust it manually

Plans for drivers

3. Tasks for drivers

Create tasks for the drivers and warehouse and send it using our mobile app, or just print it


4. Order preparing for delivery

Our smart route planner will find the best possible routes for you, and even tell what resources you will need to complete the task. Not happy with the result - no problem, it's easy to adjust it manually

Instant reply

5. Track the progress

Optimistic let you to get instant feedback from the drivers when delivery is made or in case of any situation happened that you need to react ASAP


6. Analyse and report

See most important information about the done work, analyze it and make calculated decisions for your business future growth

Let's get started!

Whether you have questions about our products, our customers or our pricing, contact us and our team of logistic experts will help you out