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Pioneers in Sustainable Route Planning Solutions

Founded with a vision to transform the logistics industry, Optimistic has been at the forefront of creating innovative route planning solutions that prioritize people and the environment and has become the industry leader around the Baltics.

Our journey began with a simple idea :

to help businesses streamline their logistics operations while reducing their environmental impact and making life easier for their employees. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to developing cutting-edge technologies that enable businesses to thrive, support their workforce, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Our Philosophy.

At the core of our work, we believe in three fundamental principles :

Sustainability : We are committed to reducing resource usage and promoting environmentally responsible practices throughout the logistics industry. Our solutions help businesses lower their fuel consumption, decrease CO2 emissions, and contribute to a greener supply chain.

Automation : Our cutting-edge technologies simplify and automate route planning processes, enabling businesses to improve efficiency and allocate resources more effectively. By leveraging the power of automation, we help companies save time and money while enhancing their overall operational performance.

People-centric approach : We understand that the success of any business depends on the well-being and satisfaction of its employees. That's why our solutions are designed to reduce stress levels and support a healthy work-life balance for those working in the logistics sector.

Our Team.

Our team at Optimistic is comprised of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, including software engineering, logistics, and sustainability. United by our shared passion for innovation and environmental responsibility, we work tirelessly to develop and refine our route planning solutions to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Our Impact.

Optimistic has helped numerous enterprises around the Baltics to revolutionize their logistics operations. By implementing our sustainable route planning solutions, these companies have experienced significant improvements in efficiency, reduced operational costs and environmental impact, and increased employee satisfaction.

Join us on our journey to create a more sustainable, efficient, and people-centric logistics industry. Together, we can make a lasting difference for our planet and the people who call it home.