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Hanzas maiznīca .


Hanzas Maiznīca Sees Significant Improvement in Delivery Operations with Optimistic


Hanzas Maiznīca is a leading bakery in Latvia, with a history dating back to 1996. The company produces a wide range of breads, pastries, and other baked goods, which are sold through a network of retail stores and supermarkets across Latvia. Hanzas Maiznīca is committed to providing high-quality, fresh baked goods to its customers. The company uses only the finest ingredients and employs a team of experienced bakers who are passionate about their work.
In recent years, Hanzas Maiznīca has faced increasing competition from other bakeries in Latvia. In order to remain competitive, the company has outsourced its delivery operations to a third-party carrier. However, the company was struggling to control its delivery costs. In 2022, Hanzas Maiznīca implemented Optimistic to improve its delivery operations. Optimistic has helped the company to create more efficient routes, reduce delivery times and costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Testimonial:

Some of the challenges that Hanzas Maiznīca faced before implementing Optimistic:

The company uses third-party carriers to deliver its products, therefore it was challenging to control its delivery costs efficiently. Delivery times were inconsistent, which was leading to customer dissatisfaction. Fuel costs were high.

Here’s how it worked out after implementing Optimistic:

  1. The size of the used outsource fleet has been reduced by 40%.
  2. The driven kilometers have reduced by 35%.
  3. Time spent driving has been reduced by an astonishing 50%.
  4. Stop time has been reduced by 40%.
  5. Delivery times have been reduced by 15%.
    Customer satisfaction has improved.


Overall, Hanzas Maiznīca has seen a significant improvement in its delivery operations since implementing Optimistic. Optimistic has helped the company to create more efficient routes, reduce delivery times and costs, improve customer satisfaction making the delivery operations cost-efficient and sustainable.