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Lithuanian post .


Lithuanian Post Reduces Delivery Costs by 56% with Optimistic


Lithuanian Post is the national postal service of Lithuania. The company delivers mail and packages to businesses and homes throughout the country.
In 2023, Lithuanian Post conducted a full-scale test with Optimistic. The goal of the test was to identify opportunities to reduce delivery costs.

Customer Testimonial:

Lithuanian Post shared their experience with the Optimistic solution, emphasizing the following benefits:

1.Reduced the number of vehicles: Over a one-week period, Lithuanian Post was able to reduce the number of vehicles used by an astonishing 56%.
2.Reduced distance: The distance driven by the used vehicles decreased by 35%, and the stop time was reduced by 38%.
2.Increased effectiveness ratio : These reductions in costs and time translated into a significant increase in the effectiveness ratio. The effectiveness ratio is a measure of how efficiently a company can deliver its products or services. In this case, the effectiveness ratio increased by 43%.


This means that the Lithuanian Post was able to deliver more packages with fewer resources. This is a significant improvement that has the potential to save the company a lot of money.